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The so-called sheet and liquid steel, as a result of solidification by continuous casting, a semi product  on a rectangular section, in hot rolling mill, obtained by hot rolling and thicknesses ranging from 1.50 - 20.00 mm roll or sheet-shaped flat steels.

In industrial buildings, elevator protections, food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, cement plants, dams, power plants, ship and yacht construction, Deep drawable grades suitable for cold forming are used in the production of durable household appliances, in the production of visible - invisible parts of the automotive industry, in the production of white goods, in the production of home and office furniture, in the production of heating - cooling - ventilation equipment and in all similar applications.

Extra deep drawable sheets are used in the production of all parts requiring deep plastering. Besides the weldable properties, it can be easily coated on the surface.

Well formable, High-strength, low-alloy steel grades are produced using low carbon and micro-alloy methods which require high strength especially in the production of automotive parts.

In addition to its deep drawability and in the construction of enamel kitchenware (such as oven-cooker) which protects the characteristics of the food inside, it is possible to use sheets suitable for single coat / double layer enameling. You can see DKP sheet sizes and weights from the table below.



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